Authentic Italian Dining

Five Authentic Italian Dishes to Elevate Your Family Dinner

Does anything say ‘warm family dinner’ like an Italian meal? Hearty sauces, pizzas stretched by hand, passing around dishes. If you’re stuck on where to next bring everyone, ambience, flavours, and service are all combined at Australia’s favourite local Italian, Fratelli Fresh!

Experience the best of Italian dining with our seasonal menu of Neapolitan-style, hand-tossed pizzas, signature pasta dishes, hand-crafted desserts, and a selection of wine and Italian craft beers.

With seven distinct Fratelli Fresh restaurants, there’s no better place to get everyone together. Want some menu recommendations? Here are five authentic Italian dishes to try at your next visit!


Italian Meatballs 

We know: it can be a little daunting when there’s so many delicious items to choose from. If you’re wondering where to start, our Signature Mozzarella Polpetta is a definite crowd pleaser!

A combination of pork and beef, each 500g meatball is served with tomato sugo, buffalo mozzarella, and grilled sourdough. They’re designed to share, so pass around the love. Molto delizioso!

Enjoy the Italian meatballs at our 250-seat Fratelli Fresh Grosvenor Place for the ultimate dining experience. Whether you’re in our light-filled dining room, or the leafy terrace with stunning harbour views, it’ll be a meal you won’t forget.


Pizzas with Hand-Made Crust

Nothing says Italian food like a hearty pizza! Everyone’s favourite dish is made even better at Fratelli Fresh, with over 30 toppings of pork and fennel meatballs, garlic prawns and spicy salami, Tuscan kale, oyster mushrooms and more!

Watch our pizzaiolos hand toss the dough, fermented for 24 hours for that deep, Neapolitan-style flavour. Each is cooked in our state-of-the-art ovens, which you can see in action at your local Fratelli Fresh! Drop in to all our Fratelli Fresh restaurants including Fratelli Fresh Entertainment Quarter or Westfield Sydney, and observe your pizza being tossed, prepared, and fired to perfection.


Seasonal Pasta Dishes

Are you a spaghetti person? Do you find yourself leaning towards the luxurious pappardelle? Or maybe you prefer the pillowy softness of gnocchi? Whatever your pasta-shape preference, our pasta range makes sure that everyone at the table is satisfied.

Share a generous plate of pasta with Blue Spanner crab, porcini mushroom, prawns, slow-braised lamb, or a medley of fresh seafood under the night sky! Our Fratelli Fresh Manly, Darling Harbour and Westfield Miranda restaurants all have stunning terraces ready for you to enjoy.


Chicken Parmigiana 

You might have had a chicken parmi at your local pub, but it pales in comparison to the original Italian dish! Golden-brown, crumbed chicken, seasoned tomato sauce and a generous serving of cheese on top… it doesn’t get better.

Book a table at our Westfield Sydney restaurant and have a chicken parmigiana with your nearest and dearest. It’s a tasty mix of flavours and textures, even served with a fresh cabbage slaw on the side.


House-Made Gelato

You can’t end an Italian meal without something dolce, or sweet, to cap off your visit! Grab a scoop of our house-made gelato, because no meal is complete without dessert.

Our Fratelli Fresh restaurants including the Sunshine Plaza restaurant offers an array of flavours to choose from: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and more. Mix and match, or get them all! Feel free to ask our staff for the day’s special selection, and to wander to the dessert counter to sample the flavours yourself.


Family Meals Done Right

Don’t be hesitant about any dietary requirements; our menu makes sure to cater to all guests so you can have a worry-free night. Whether you’re looking for something vegan, gluten free, or dairy free, we’ve got your back!

If you’re dining from our set menu, alert our staff of any allergies or restrictions and we’ll amend right away.


So, gather the family and come visit us at Fratelli Fresh Italian restaurant! Check out our website to discover more about our seasonal menu and each of our unique restaurants. Buon appetito!