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Fratelli Pass FAQ

Imagine eating your favourite pizza, pasta or salad EVERY DAY for one entire MONTH! If you’re one of the lucky 500 Fratelli Passholders, you’ll be able to dine at any of our 8 restaurants and enjoy any pizza, pasta or salad on our menu every day for the entire month of January.
The Fratelli Pass costs only $200. So…that’s 31 dishes for 31 days with 1 Fratelli Pass.
It’s easy, just purchase your Fratelli Pass on our website. Each Fratelli Pass is personalised, so make sure you add the name of the person who will be using the Fratelli Pass!
Yes, you can. We personalise each Fratelli Pass with your full name, so we may need to contact you via email or telephone to ask what names need to be added to the additional Fratelli Passes you have purchased.
The Fratelli Pass is a physical card with your name on it. Once we have your details and mailing address, we’ll send your Fratelli Pass card by post ready for you to use on Monday 1st January.
Well hopefully that shouldn’t happen, but if it does it's not a problem you will not miss out! You can; a) Dine with us from Monday 1st January - we have your details in our system. You will just need to let a member of our team know that you have a Fratelli Pass and what your full name is so that we can search for you. b) Contact [email protected] so we can look into this for you.
All Fratelli Passes purchased before 3rd December were dispatched by post. If you purchased after 3rd December, please add on your shipping details which Fratelli Fresh location you would like us to deliver your Fratelli Pass to so you can pick up and collect in advance or on the day of your table booking. If your card is not ready, you can still enjoy your pizza, pasta or salad for that day - you will just need to let a member of our team know your full name so we can search for you in our system.
You can use your Fratelli Pass at any of our 8 locations in Sydney.
The Fratelli Pass can be used every day from Tuesday 1st January until Thursday 31st January 2019. That’s 31 days of eating your favourite pizza, pasta or salad.
Unfortunately not. Each Fratelli Pass can only be used for one pizza, pasta or salad dish each day from 1st – 31st January. We track your Fratelli Pass daily so we’ll know if there’s any sneaky Fratelli Passholders trying to bend the rules.
Unfortunately not, your Fratelli Pass is a personalised physical card with your name on it and includes a unique card number. A member of our team may ask you to show a form of ID at the time of ordering.
The Fratelli Pass can be used for dine in only. The Fratelli Pass will not be accepted for takeaway or delivery orders.