Safe Dining

What Fratelli Fresh is Doing to Provide Guests with a Safe Dining Experience

Going out for food offers a refreshing escape from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. The restaurant’s ambience helps you de-stress or take your mind off of things, allowing you to just soak up the vibes and simply live in the moment.

Of course, it is more than satisfying your cravings or treating yourself to a gourmet break. When you dine out with friends or family, you don’t just get to enjoy the food but also have the opportunity to engage everyone in a fun and meaningful conversation.

So whether you’re celebrating a milestone or just looking to hang out with friends after a long day, dining out should always be a fantastic experience for everyone. By following health protocols and other safety measures, you should be able to enjoy good food and have those meaningful conversations with your loved ones again.

Why Dine at Fratelli Fresh?

Fratelli Fresh restaurant makes the ideal go-to destination for great food and excellent service. We don’t just offer high quality, family-friendly menus but also ensure a safe environment for our customers.

Covid-19 safety plan in place at all venues

Employees, customers and food operators all have a significant role in keeping the premises safe. Fratelli’s family restaurants across Sydney and in Sunshine Coast Queensland have implemented a COVID-19 safety plan. This includes preventing a staff member or visitor that is unwell or displaying symptoms from entering the establishment.

Of course, you can still organise a small family reunion or lunch with colleagues at Fratelli Fresh. We accept online reservations but with a maximum of 30 guests only for group bookings. In this way, we can prevent the huge influx of customers coming in to find a table.

Safe dining training for all team members

At Fratelli Fresh, we want our customers to have a stress-free dining experience. From catching up over coffee to indulging in Fratelli pizza and pasta, rest assured that our venues are safe for any group bookings or events.

Committed to putting safety at the top of our priority list, we have also provided our staff with safe dining training and information regarding the importance of physical distancing and testing.

Additional cleaning measures

We believe that safe dining is a shared responsibility. In order to ensure product quality and customer safety, we take precautions by stocking our venues with hand sanitiser units and cleaning frequently touched areas with disinfectant. We also encourage our staff members and customers to wash their hands by giving them easy access to hand-washing facilities.

Contactless payments solutions and digital menus

For a safer and more convenient dining experience, our venues have taken to contactless payments solutions and single-use/digital menus.

Alfresco dining surrounded by greenery

Outdoor seating makes a great alternative for indoor dining. Besides a change of scenery, the open space lets you relax and enjoy a fun conversation with your companion. Greenery or various sights also surround you as you savour tasty meals or delectable drinks, making your dining experience even more memorable.

Many of our Fratelli Fresh restaurants feature alfresco dining surrounded by olives and citrus trees, perfect for taking in the area’s laidback vibes. Fratelli Fresh Miranda prides itself in the best Italian cooking and caters to 200 guests, including 60 on a pretty alfresco terrace. If you want to elevate your gastronomic experience, our Entertainment Quarter restaurant serves up the most extensive line-up of beers and Italian food in a spacious garden.

Fratelli Fresh Grosvenor Place is not to be missed as well. Here, you get to relish exquisite house-made pasta, hand-crafted sourdough Neapolitan-style pizzas and large plates on an alfresco terrace with stunning views.

Come to Fratelli Fresh Manly, and relax in our alfresco area that wraps around the spacious restaurant. Besides Manly, venues such as Entertainment Quarter and Darling Harbour also allow furry friends in their outdoor spaces.

Dine with your loved ones, and treat them to an authentic Italian feast at Fratelli Fresh. We are a vibrant Italian food and dining destination offering high-quality, affordable and family-friendly menus served in a pleasant setting.

Find your local Fratelli, choose your favourite Italian dish, and order through our website.